History of Saitama Stadium 2002


June The Japan Football Association submitted to FIFA an invitation to host tde World Cup in Japan.


February tde President of tde Saitama Football Association submitted a proposal to construct a new stadium and announced tdat if Japans bit for tde World Cup was successful tdat tde new stadium would be considered as a possible site for tde games.
July It was announced tdat tde new proposed stadium was officially to be a site to host tde World Cup games.
September tde first plan for a 40,000 seat stadium was submitted.


January The new stadium was officially approved as a site to host World Cup games.


October The capacity of the stadium was changed to 60,000 seats.
December The prefecture created the Saitama Football Assembly.


May FIFA decided to hold the World Cup both in Korea and Japan.
October At the September meeting of the Saitama Football Assembly the stadium construction plan budget was approved.
December 25th Japan football association administrative board (10 autonomy decided) 


February 25th The land site dedication ceremony was held.


May 9th The construction commencement ceremony was held.
August 6th The JAWOC administrative board announced that the semi-final game of the World Cup would be held at the new stadium.
October 28th The Governor of Saitama submitted a 1,660,000 name petition to have the final game held in Saitama.
December 19th The Kashima Construction Group held its ceremony praying for an accident free and safe building project.


March 15th The name of the stadium was approved - "Saitama Stadium 2002"
August 29th Kashima Construction Group held the stadium roof raising ceremony.
October 31th The stadium logo and mascot were approved. 


March 26th The game fields were seeded.
July 31th The stadium was completed.
October 6th The stadiums opening ceremony was held with over 106,000 people attending.
October 13th The stadiums first official match was held between the Urawa Red Diamonds and the Yokohama F Marinos. The 60,553 fans that attended set a new J League record.
October 16th The stadiums guided tours were introduced.
November 7th The first international match was held between Japan and Italia attracting 61,833 spectators.
December 29th The first game between the Urawa Red Diamonds and Cerezo Osaka was held.
December 31th The first game of the Japan high school championship was held.


January 2nd The second game of the Japan high school championship was held.
June 2nd The Japan Korea World Cup games were hosted:
England and Sweden - 52,721 spectators
June 4th Japan and Belgium - 55,256 spectators
June 6th Cameroon and Saudi Arabia - 52,328 spectators
June 26th Brazil and Turk - 61,058 spectators